The unprecedented spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 is upending business continuity plans. In particular, cyber- and digital-infrastructure, supply chain, and security are being tested daily. The following tips are drawn from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Cyber-Infrastructure (“CISA”) Insights.

CyberThreats Exploiting COVID-19

Malicious actors are exploiting user-demand and interest for breaking news and developments about the COVID-19 pandemic. Phishing attacks, malware and disinformation campaigns have increased.

Avoid clicking on links in unsolicited emails and be ware of email attachments.

Do not reveal personal or financial information in emails or in response to email solicitations for such information.

Infrastructure Preparedness

Business continuity plans will be severely tested by potential employee quarantines. Business should immediately address coordinating shared and cascading responsibilities as disruptions expand.

Identify essential functions, goods and services your organization requires to sustain its own operations and mission.

 Designate a response coordinator and assign team members (and alternative members) with specific responsibilities related to those functions.

Supply Chain Preparedness

Disruption of transport logistics and international manufacturing slowdowns are likely to strain supply chains globally.

Assess your organization’s supply chain for potential impacts.

Identify potential alternate sources of supply, substitute products, and/or conservation measures.

Additional CISA publication can be found here.

Open communication by business leaders to their employees is also crucial to ensure continuity, consistency, and employee well-being during this confusing time. Identifying a designated team to handle internal communication is a great practice to ensure people are properly informed. Assign a team to send real-time updates released from organizations such as the CDC and the local and state government.

Whether COVID-19 impacts your business or not, having planning and communication systems in place will have your business better prepared in case of any potential crisis.

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