Privacy & Cybersecurity

Information Governance, Privacy & Cybersecurity

Cooper, LLC’s Information Governance practice offers business clients strategic counseling and advice on privacy, information security, and ediscovery. The firm counsels clients on all aspects of operational issues that arise out of the collection, storage, use, and management of digital information. Cooper, LLC is uniquely positioned to guide its clients through the legal and business risks of:

  • complying with state and federal privacy laws and regulations;
  • responding to a data breach;
  • negotiating a sale or license of data;
  • advising on insurance coverage for privacy and information risks; and,
  • litigating these and a host of other issues.

Privacy Compliance & Litigation

How businesses collect, store, and use personal information is now heavily regulated by a myriad of state and federal statutes, regulations, and case law. Cooper, LLC works with clients on business and legal solutions to mitigate privacy compliance risks and litigate privacy rights.

The firm handles privacy compliance counseling and litigates liability issues arising under federal privacy statutes including the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), CAN-SPAM Act, Title V of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), and the FTC Act, as well as state consumer fraud statutes, among others.

The firm also regularly counsels clients on transactions that involve the disclosure, processing, collection, and use of critical business and sensitive personal data. Cooper, LLC counsels clients on data commercialization and provides practical, business-oriented advice in connection with third-party vendor and customer transactions that require due diligence, data security, indemnification, and data collection, acquisition, and use.


In today’s digital economy, protecting your digital information from misuse and improper disclosure is essential to your success. Your most valuable information – whether it is proprietary business plans, product designs, customer lists, or sensitive customer information – is at risk from a range of threats. Simple employee mistakes to sophisticated digital attacks can all result in crippling business interruptions and regulatory and commercial liability.

Cooper, LLC advises clients on comprehensive Critical Information Protection Plans to reduce and eliminate these risks. Working with client-partners and subject-matter experts in technology security and business operations, the firm advises clients on how to identify and cost-effectively protect the most critical information assets. The firm develops information security plans that complement our clients’ business operations and culture, leading to greater compliance and more consistent information security.


Cooper, LLC provides innovative and efficient discovery strategies to help clients reduce costs and more effectively litigate their case. The firm provides end-to-end discovery counseling with a demonstrated track record of reducing client costs and accelerating positive case outcomes.

Cooper, LLC offers a full range of ediscovery services that address every aspect of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model. The firm advises clients on developing comprehensive information governance strategies that reduce ediscovery costs when litigation arises. As discovery counsel, the firm develops and executes ediscovery strategies to meet client and case-specific goals; manages document collection, review and production protocols to preserve case value; and manages third-party and vendor relationships to maintain consistent and defensible discovery results.